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IPREX knows no geographic boundaries and delivers immense local and regional knowledge and access. IPREX has more than 1,100 communications and PR professionals in more than 100 markets globally. We cover six continents and 53 countries. Our locations are overseen by local senior leaders who take a highly active role and interest in client success. IPREX partners are reliable, experienced, experts who are accustomed to working beyond their borders.


From Uganda to Dubai, The Nordics to Ireland, over 20 PR agencies leverage their entrepreneurial energy and expertise to deliver local and regional knowledge and access.


With more than 30 PR agencies and 1,000 professionals across North, South and Central America, IPREX Americas’ reach is vast. The depth of talent is both diverse and proficient.


IPREX has a strong presence in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region through six partners, seven affiliates and more than 100 communications professionals.

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Michelle Rodriguez, Founder & Principal

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State: NJ

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Chris Lukach, APR – CEO

+1 856-242-9205

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Ann-Marie O’Sullivan, Founder and Chief Executive

+353 (0)86 818 8163

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Cho Pei - Managing Director

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Lindsey DeWitte, President



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Virginia Miller, Partner/Owner


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Thor Erling Lund, CEO

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Lloyd Rang, President and Narrative Lead

Country: Netherlands

City: Amsterdam

Key Contact

Marianne de Bruijn


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Areas of Expertise

The power and discipline of branding is too often undervalued in the B2B environment. We help our clients take advantage of this by out-communicating their competitors. To do this, we interrogate clients’ products and services to identify differentiators and define the brand values and creative direction that frames our strategy.

Higher transaction costs and longer sales cycles in the B2B sector dictate the need for medium- to long-term planning – and for building effective relationships within often complex decision-making structures.

Our approach reflects this. Measurement is important in managing our progress towards defined client goals on a broad front, from content strategy and digital marketing to sponsorship and events.

Adapting successful strategies from one market to another, or from one continent to another, IPREX B2B agencies coordinate skills, contacts and experience from around the world to meet client challenges in one market or many.

Evolving at exhilarating speed, and increasingly driven by big data, the consumer sector poses challenges – make use of the numbers, navigate changing retail structures, adapt to new buying patterns, make your voice heard.

But it also offers opportunities – to develop new approaches and tools that reach and influence shape-shifting target audiences, and to uncover what is truly important to brands so we can communicate their story creatively, authentically and powerfully.

With long experience right across the consumer and lifestyle sector, IPREX partners have delivered award-winning campaigns based on innovative targeting, powerful creative work and a focus on measurable results.

From the multi-channel digital strategies of performance marketing to the nuances of cause branding and the delivery imperatives of public information campaigns, we bring creative ideas and successful strategies from around the world to bear in one location or many.

All organizations communicate, whether they like it or not, and their reputations are increasingly shaped by forces beyond their immediate control. In societies where “no comment” means “we’re guilty”, we help our clients benefit from engaging with their stakeholders.

Deriving positioning and message development from corporate strategy, we ground our clients’ corporate branding in reality, not spin, to define, execute and evaluate communication defined by its clarity, credibility, coherence and consistency.

In a rapidly-evolving business and societal environment, the internal logic of our approach ensures a robust response to everything from governance issues and digital transformation to the politics of corporate responsibility, and from hot-button topics such as gender equality to the complex internal communication demands of change management.

As a global organization ourselves, we are alert to the challenges and opportunities our clients face in crossing cultural boundaries – we assess rather than assume, and never separate content from context.

Crises generally start in one place but don’t stay there. A local problem can evolve chaotically across employees, suppliers, customers, markets and borders. Brand equity can evaporate, stock value can plummet, senior heads can roll. Everyone in the C-suite knows this. We help our clients do something about it, in three possible phases:

Before: we audit risk and plan its mitigation, we conduct training, we set up systems. This can prevent the next two phases.

During: our experience makes us good company in the incident room. We have “boots on the ground” worldwide – all battle-tested and ready to work.

After: business continuity is crucial, and we help our clients emerge from crises stronger than before.

IPREX partners have done all this thousands of times across a wide range of industries and challenges, from labor action through product failure to cyber security. In one office or many we offer world class support.

Major shifts in the pattern and content of work have changed education radically – from curriculum to delivery. With education increasingly seen, worldwide, as having critical impact on social mobility and economic growth, the stakes are high.

There are few countries in the world which are not re-examining and re-shaping their education system, and the sheer size and complexity of the stakeholder community demands serious professional communication strategies and skills.

IPREX agencies track these changes and keep abreast of the issues involved – from access, cost and free speech in colleges and universities to the implications of life-long learning and the rapidly increasing use of ed-tech in delivery at all levels.

Whether we’re developing a comprehensive plan to revitalize public high schools across a major city, communicating the benefits of a teaching career or helping a college recruit students in a highly competitive environment, we recognize the unique importance of the sector in shaping lives.

As the world’s focus on energy and clean energy continues to grow, so does the need for intelligent marketing and communication strategies for organizations and their audiences. Whether you’re selling turbines to power plants or green technologies to homeowners, talk to our global team of energy-focused communications professionals. Together we’ll work to get your brand into your prospects’ heads, hearts and, most importantly, their hands.

Our energy expertise spans the entire spectrum — from identifying what motivates homeowners to embrace sustainable practices, to demonstrating the true ROI of energy efficiency to CEOs. We know the early adopters and the laggards alike. We understand what motivates them, what scares them and what triggers them to embrace a product or brand. Why? Because your organization needs methods that are not only smart, but sustainable as well and IPREX delivers comprehensive communication strategies that deliver measurable results in one market or many.

From asset management, retail banking and venture capital to credit cards, insurance, wealth management and fintech, IPREX has deep public relations experience.

Nurturing reputations and building awareness demand the clear positioning and strong media relations that underpin our work with listed companies – shareholder liaison, calendar support, bulletin board management and social media to help drive buying.

We also work with companies to build analyst, broker and wider stakeholder followings. And we increasingly support companies raising capital through the debt and bond markets.

But crucially, in a period of change, we are abreast of the industry’s key issues – regulation, risk management, new technologies and evolving customer expectations.

Financial services companies are re-shaping their business models and demand intelligent and well-executed integrated communications strategies to support this. From the impact of artificial intelligence to digital delivery we cover employees, partners, customers, regulators, analysts, investors and affinity communities.

Our work in food & beverage ranges from soup to nuts and farm to fork.

Long experience and close connections with influencers keep us abreast of trends and issues as they evolve around the globe in this vast and complex industry.

Whether it’s recipe videos, food safety issues, lifestyle diversity, brand loyalty or the integrity of household names, our partners support each other to shape individual and cooperative campaigns. In today’s world it is paramount to be sensitive and creatively responsive to diversities in culture, diet, affordability, packaging, ethics, sustainability, health trends and regulations, especially across multiple markets.

Though the marketplace is more complicated, promoting awareness, trial, engagement, differentiation and market leadership is still our job. Working through IPREX partners ensures seamless collaboration and performance that scales from local to global, so strategies and creative approaches from around the world can be brought to bear on one market or many.

The most global industry and the most intensely local – varying widely in structure, regulation, funding and delivery. IPREX capability in the field reflects this, matching highly specialized local and sector knowledge with project management that reaps synergies across markets worldwide.

We provide communication support from strategy building to streamlined execution: delivering behavior change through public information campaigns, bringing new pharmaceuticals to market, advising on M&A and partnership transactions, managing hospitals’ reputations, marketing medical devices, reaching all target groups from patients through practitioners to governments.

Our healthcare practice consists of only agencies vetted for their abilities and track record in the industry, so our clients work with highly-skilled, qualified consultants used to managing the complex communication needs of the industry. They use the IPREX platform to leverage specialized knowledge and best practices from around the world to meet clients’ challenges in one market or many.

Our job is to maximize support and minimize opposition. In today’s hyper-connected world, trade, regulation and law are influenced by politics like never before. Empowered by social media and the internet, increasingly activist stakeholder communities are exerting real political influence and shaping outcomes. Effective public affairs strategy is critical.

We build longstanding relationships that open doors to key decision-makers. Our access to policymakers, politicians and influencers in wider public communities provides the context for our insights, informed counsel, spirited advocacy, and practical solutions.

Research underpins our advocacy. Our dedicated digital expertise enables us to define and manage a powerful narrative. We have the bandwidth to help clients tell their story in campaigns that mobilize opinion – from local to global – and we are well versed in working together to achieve client goals.

From any IPREX office we are connected to our colleagues in cities around the world to help our clients navigate the corridors of power.

By 2025, according to International Data Corporation, total worldwide data will be 163 zettabytes – ten times the 2016 figure – and more than a quarter of it “real-time”: from AR and autonomous vehicles to the Internet of Things.

As this ocean of data unlocks fresh user experiences and a new world of business opportunities, IPREX partners are at work across the technology spectrum, from semiconductors to social media, and from the data center to the dining room.

Working independently and in teams, our specialists around the globe translate the industry’s creative engineering into narratives, framing technologies as solutions and successful businesses. We are closely involved with the industry and its people in diverse national and international markets – and we’re at home in the complex communication channels that reach and influence its stakeholders.

Whether launching products and services or refreshing existing brands, IPREX delivers comprehensive communication strategies that deliver measurable results in one market or many.

In an industry that’s complex, massive and evolving fast, seeing the big picture is important – and the IPREX platform is global – but it isn’t enough. Our closely-networked partners worldwide know their national and local markets intimately, so they can translate international brand values into messages that change behavior on the ground.

Working daily with industry stakeholders, we know how to reach and influence key target audiences, from consumers to government ministers – our strategic and creative approaches match cultural imperatives and produce outcomes our clients can measure.

Whether promoting a restaurant or visitor attraction, putting a hotel group on the map, marketing a city, a country or an airline, or exploiting the huge potential of outbound Chinese travelers, we deliver results. We collaborate seamlessly, working together on multi-market campaigns, sharing international market intelligence and keeping abreast of global trends.

In one office or many we offer world class support.