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With a custom-designed service oriented toward excellence, we are committed to supporting our clients’ business plans, building bridges of trust with their publics.

We understand the logic behind media and business, and use that knowledge to help our clients understand their surroundings and connect effectively with their audiences.

Our staff have strategic communication experience in television, radio, print, digital media, corporate communication and academia. Our clients are mainly from finance, banking, retail, mining, the commercial fishing industry, real estate and the waste management and sustainability industry.

We understand the complexities of the communication environment and the key role it plays in the breathtaking changes in our dynamic and uncertain environment – and that it also occurs simultaneously within mass and segmented markets, both online and offline

Blanca Bulnes, General Manager
Macarena Puigrredo, Executive Partner

Blanca has worked in strategic communication for ten years. Previously she was a US-based correspondent for Chilean TV channel C13, and a member of the renowned team of investigative journalists at the television show Contacto

Before joining Comsulting Macarena traveled the world for nine years covering major global news events and winning a prestigious Best TV Correspondent award. She was also host and editor of news and political programs on TV channels C13 and Mega

Contact: Blanca Bulnes, General Manager
Mobile: +56 9 9333 1211
Contact: Macarena Puigrredo, Executive Partner
Mobile: +56 9 9817 6595


Francisco de Aguirre 3720, of 51
Tel: +56 2230 64775


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