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We are DH—a public relations, advertising and branding agency in Spokane, Washington. We build multi-disciplinary programs that communicate complex ideas in simple, compelling ways.

Andrei Mylroie, Partner
Tyler Tullis, Director of Marketing

Andrei has helped organizations of all shapes and sizes find a unique point of view to own. His prowess as a communicator stems from worldliness and signature sense of humor, while his talent as a leader comes from innate generosity and genuine respect for people. Elected IPREX Global President, 2017-19


Tyler’s enthusiastic personality is infectious. He’s always ready with a quip or a joke, but don’t doubt his seriousness for the business. He puts in long hours and doesn’t leave a task until it’s done right. He just knows a project is likely to go better if we’re having fun along the way.


Contact: Andrei Mylroie, Partner
Mobile: +1 509 979 3181
Contact: Tyler Tullis, Director of Marketing
Mobile: +1 509 833 8403


315 W Riverside Ave
Suite 200
Tel: +1 509 444 2350


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  • Healthcare

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