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We are an integrated marketing, research and product development firm focused on making what’s good fun, easy and popular. Our clients hire us to trigger action — on ideas, technology, services or social change — by developing and implementing new brand identities, communication campaigns, marketing initiatives and new online tools.

Our bottom line is behavior change. So every service we provide — advertising, advocacy, culture change, web development, product development, social marketing and research is anchored in behavioral economics and behavioral science, all of it fueled by creativity and design.

We like to think we are either the most science-based creative agency or the most creative behavior-change marketing firm.

Peter Mitchell, Chairman & Chief Creative Officer
Christene Jennings, Chief Operating Officer

A former journalist and legislative aide, Peter broke into behavior-change marketing as the founding marketing director of the original truth anti-smoking campaign in the 1990s. Peter went on to manage national and international behavior change efforts for a large international nonprofit and co-found Marketing for Change in 2005

Christene joined Marketing for Change in 2006 after eight years at the Automotive Coalition for Traffic Safety. She led our strategy and planning unit, running numerous award-winning social marketing campaigns, mostly focused on health, safety and the environment, before being named COO in 2017. Christene also leads our federal government practice from our office just outside Washington, DC

Contact: Peter Mitchell, Chairman & Chief Creative Officer
Mobile: +1 571 444 2192
Contact: Christene Jennings, Chief Operating Officer
Mobile: +1 571 444 2174


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