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Join the Best Communications and PR Agencies

Join the Best Communications and PR Agencies


Global reach with no global infrastructure costs

IPREX is an extension of your agency. Through our unique IPREX Professional Network tool you seamlessly can reach anyone of your 1,100 IPREX colleagues – giving you access to specialized capabilities and in-market knowledge worldwide. But, beyond dues, you aren’t paying the price for it.

Learn from your peers

From webinars to our Point of View program, learn from other agency leaders throughout the network who face the same challenges as you and who want you to succeed.

Immerse your emerging leaders

We are proud of our unique global leadership program: The IPREX Academy, a global education program with world-class instruction from inside and outside of IPREX to give your emerging leaders the foundation to grow in their careers and bring value to your agency.

Become a better client resource

Partners complement each other’s strengths – from capabilities to regional insights worldwide. All it takes is a simple message or phone call to begin a seamless collaboration anywhere in our network. Partnerships help our clients win. In return, your agency grows business.

Market your agency as among the best in the world

IPREX will celebrate your wins across our global channels. Likewise, you have license to promote your membership in IPREX – indicating your status as a best-in-class firm. Through IPREX you can be seen as an author in global reports and thought leadership articles.

Network. Meet. Repeat.

IPREX knows no geographic boundaries. We are agency professionals who are dedicated to helping each other grow. Our conferences allow partners to deepen their relationships, improve their understanding, and drive innovation. There’s always a new partner or colleague to meet, all vetted by IPREX.

Every partner receives a return on investment (ROI) from IPREX in different combinations of collaborating, learning, marketing, and networking.


“We’re continually growing that client, and IPREX is the reason why. Had we not had the network to handle city by city work on the school program, they’d never have turned to us for their crisis work – much of it shared with IPREX partners – and now we generate more regular revenue from another division of the company for a whole new line of work.”

Nick Vehr
CEO, Vehr Communications, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

“There are highly skilled people operating cutting-edge communication services and running very successful firms in IPREX, where best practices share this expertise for the benefit of every partner and every client.”

Harri Kammonen
Managing Director, Manifesto, Helsinki, Finland

“The IPREX emerging leaders’ meeting is one of the best investments our firm has made for professional and business development, leadership training, ideation and networking.”

Heidi Otway
Vice President and Partner, SalterMitchellPR, Tallahassee, Fla, USA and Chair of the IPREX Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee

“IPREX has given us a truly global footprint and we have exploited it to derive a serious return on investment for our clients and our agency.”

Ralf Weber
President and CEO, m/e brand communication, Düsseldorf, Germany

“We added technology from California and specialist finance from New York to our client presentation – they loved it, we went ahead, it worked and the client said we’d proved the IPREX model in one project.”

Pat Milan
Chief Insights Officer, Tunheim, Minneapolis, USA

“Being in the network has definitely opened doors and opportunities for our staff and clients to get exposure and insights into global markets. [IPREX] has seen our agency involved in many firsts, such as conducting exciting webinars, podcasts, collaborating with like-minded agencies, and presenting local perspectives at IPREX’s global events. Based in Singapore and a vibrant region like Southeast Asia, we are proud to provide expertise to any of our members who need support in this region.”

Anu Gupta
Director, Asia PR Werkz, Singapore


Is your agency the right fit for IPREX?

  • You are an independently owned agency with a PR offering.
  •  Your agency works to the highest ethical and professional standards.
  •  Your agency ‘fits’ the IPREX values.
  • You will act respectfully towards your fellow IPREX partner agencies, publicly and otherwise.
  • You will participate actively in the network by, for example, hosting meetings, serving on a committee, providing content for best practices programs, and voting when asked.
  •  You will send an agency principal to attend the Annual Global Conference (every year). Other conferences are encouraged but optional.
  • You will respond rapidly to IPREX partners, share information and advice freely, and respect confidentiality.
  •  You are willing to adhere to the IPREX By Laws and Rights and Responsibilities Agreement.
  •  You will pay membership fees by due dates.
  •  You are not a member of another global network deemed to be a direct competitor to IPREX.


We always add value.

We are reliable, experienced, experts.

We are collaborative, nimble, smart, and efficient.

We are professional, yet have fun.

We are warm, personable, and friendly.

We do not compete. We work together by choice.

What kind of agencies join a global communications and PR network?

Partners have been in IPREX for 10 years on average, enabling close relationships and sustaining a strong network.

IPREX includes both generalist agencies and specialists. Specialist agencies cover all industries including healthcare, finance, public affairs, government affairs, marketing, advertising, consumer, automotive, crisis communication, and much more (find out more about our breadth of experience here). IPREX agencies work across a mixture of earned, paid, owned and shared media. Among our agencies there are:

  • Content developers
  • Media relations experts
  • Social media gurus
  • Analyst and influencer experts
  • Crisis specialists
  • Media planning and buying departments
  • Design practices
  • Research divisions
  • Digital operations
  • Event management teams
  • Former government ministers
  • And even a drone pilot…

Our partners have won too many awards to list

Find out more about your region


From Uganda to Dubai, The Nordics to Ireland, over 20 PR agencies leverage their entrepreneurial energy and expertise to deliver local and regional knowledge and access.


With more than 30 PR agencies and 1,000 professionals across North, South and Central America, IPREX Americas’ reach is vast. The depth of talent is both diverse and proficient.


IPREX has a strong presence in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region through six partners, seven affiliates and more than 100 communications professionals.

Financial Model

No admin charges
No referral fees between partners
Annual dues & a one-off onboarding fee

Point of View

Remaining best in the business through research-driven best practices.

The IPREX Point of View Program is a research initiative that provides recommendations to partners, improving agencies’ best practices. The Best Practices Committee collects data and determines the official IPREX Point of View on specific topics through research reports shared via our member Library. Topics include anything from internships and apprenticeships to pandemic and post-pandemic workplace arrangements.

Commitment to improvement:

IPREX conferences are designed to ensure members leave informed, empowered, supported and, importantly, joyful. 

More about IPREX conferences.