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Mower is an agency that specializes in making your brand special.

A nationally ranked independent, full-service agency since 1968, Mower isn’t just about moving the needle, we’re about motivating action. We’re about building relationships between your brand and your customers. And we’re not just talking about fast friends here. We’re talking about life-long loyalists and passionate advocates of your brand. We like to call them fierce friends. Over the years, we’ve become experts in building powerful connections between brands and people across an interesting variety of industries. Chances are, we’re well connected to yours.

As one of America’s largest privately held full-service advertising and marketing agencies, Mower brings something special to the brand-building table: intense independence.

This kind of freedom gives our group of almost 200 collaborative thinkers limitless flexibility to assemble the right team for your challenge. From strategic planning to SEM, PR, video, social, digital marketing and fully integrated campaigns, our agency does it all.

Mark O'Toole, Managing Director
Rick Lyke, Managing Director, Public Relations

Mark keeps clients ahead of trends delivering great results through strategic thinking that helps clients focus on business development. He finds the right voice to tell their story using all today’s communication tools.


Rick Lyke is executive vice president, managing director of Mower Public Relations and Public Affairs. He has directed numerous award winning campaigns during more than three decades with the firm

Contact: Mark O'Toole, Managing Director
Mobile: +1 617 797 0291
Contact: Rick Lyke, Managing Director, Public Relations


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