Why IPREX has the Top Global Comunications and PR Services for Clients.

Top Global Comunications and PR Services

We are a truly connected network


IPREX Professional Network – connecting our public relations and communications experts around the globe.

The Member’s Portal

The IPREX network operates as a seamless talent team through our member’s portal. IPREX’s members portal turns partner agencies into collaborators, enabling real-time engagement and team activation from every corner of the globe. Our platform gives members instant access to the full array of specific and unique skill sets that are needed to tackle client challenges.

1,100 Communication Professionals With Unique Searchable Skillsets

At any given moment, our members can search and scan the skillsets of the 1,100 professionals in 110 offices across 26 countries. Agencies can mobilize the breadth and depth of IPREX to identify niche expertise, in-market insights or expanded capabilities and reach for new business development. The Groups feature with chat and SMS functionality enables team members to engage select partners and form new brain trusts for ideation and cooperation. The platform adds muscle to an agency’s capabilities and demonstrates to clients how their global teams efficiently come to life in a way that no other network does.

Problem Solved

When a global manufacturer needed creative talent to write editorial content for audiences in Spain in Basque, Galician, and Catalanin, we found the best writers in a few minutes. When a global food conglomerate needed a communications expert who understands cattle ranch sustainability, we found such an expert in our Dallas office. IPREX is the answer to any communication challenge.

Katy Tunheim

Partner, Tunheim

Hire an Agency

IPREX agencies attract and retain top talent

Unique global leadership program: The IPREX Academy

Our unparalleled global leadership program, the IPREX Academy, is designed to grow and develop IPREX agencies’ next-generation leaders, while providing partners with a highly appealing point of difference when competing for talent. This means your IPREX agency is made up of the most educated, innovative people in the business.

Commitment to improvement

Conferences to deepen our relationships, improve our understanding, and drive innovation

IPREX conferences are designed to ensure members leave informed, empowered, supported and, importantly, joyful.
IPREX conferences include expert guest speakers, breakout sessions, one-on-one engagements, social outings and other elements to bolster learning and relationship building.
A win for partners to the benefit of their clients.

Simply the best:

Remaining best in the business through research-driven best practices

IPREX runs various research initiatives, such as our Point of View program and other reports, that provides recommendations to partners, improving agencies’ best practices. This means your IPREX agency is leading its region in operational excellence.

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