IPREX has had a strong presence in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) for more than three decades.

Our 22 partners and affiliates are spread across the region and offer an unrivaled wealth of expertise and experience.

We have strong and diverse IPREX partners across the region in all the important European markets and across the Middle East, and the number of number of active partners and affiliates in Africa is growing. IPREX EMEA members can be found from Dublin to Casablanca, from Helsinki to Johannesburg, from Warsaw to Dubai and from Athens to Kampala.

EMEA is a thriving and diverse region, offering a multitude of languages, cultures and ways to engage. The beauty of IPREX is the dynamic collaboration the happens between partners. IPREX knows EMEA. Each partner and affiliate understands their own markets and our EMEA footprint means that we can offer seamless counsel and implementation within a territory or country, or across the region.

The magic that happens between our Nordic partners, our German and Spanish speaking partners, our partners in the Middle East, and our growing African presence allows our clients to always receive the best strategic advice and counsel.

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Around EMEA

EMEA Regional Conference in Stockholm, 11 - 13th September 24

Bi Monthly Roundtable Sessions run by our EMEA President David Mache

This is Placemaking (PDF)

Some IPREX EMEA Clients

EMEA region partners

State: South Africa

City: Cape Town

Key Contact

Elzaan Rohde

+27 83 256 1493

Country: Denmark

City: Copenhagen

Key Contact

John Pedersen, CEO

Country: Finland

City: Helsinki

Key Contact

Harri Kammonen, Managing Director

+358 4050 01120

Country: Germany

City: Hannover

Key Contact

David Mache, CEO

+49 151 68 49 49 39

Country: Greece

City: Athens

Key Contact

Mania Xenou, Founder and CEO

+30 69368 8807

Country: Ireland

City: Dublin

Key Contact

Caroline Heywood, Managing Director

+353 862476477

Country: Ireland

City: Cork

Key Contact

Ann-Marie O’Sullivan, Founder and Chief Executive

+353 (0)86 818 8163

Country: Netherlands

City: Amsterdam

Key Contact

Marianne de Bruijn


Country: Norway

City: Tonsberg (Oslo)

Key Contact

Thor Erling Lund, CEO

+47 9061 4451

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