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Our philosophy is that it takes 10 good things to be said about a company to make up for one bad, so it’s essential to build up a “good will bank” to protect its long-term image and reputation. Hence our name. And our methodology – we grow a company’s positive image using a drip approach – lots of stories consistently over time and leveraging successful approaches in one media market across many.

Meanwhile, behind the scenes, we’re planning for a media emergency by creating crisis scenario playbooks with our clients so that we’re prepared to implement our response to any threat.


Josh Weiss, President
Laura Slawny

With over 20 years’ experience in PR and crisis communication, Josh has committed himself and his business to delivering consistent results, using the “good will bank” to create opportunities for today and protect against disaster tomorrow.


A former television reporter, news producer and executive producer, Laura is an award-winning storyteller with a track record in local, regional, industry and national media coverage for clients across a range of sectors


Contact: Josh Weiss, President
Mobile: 480.789.0743
Contact: Laura Slawny
Mobile: 480.868.9423


10 to 1 Public Relations
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