Travel, Tourism & Hospitality Practice Group

In an industry that’s complex, massive and evolving fast, seeing the big picture is important – and the IPREX platform is global – but it isn’t enough. Our closely-networked partners worldwide know their national and local markets intimately, so they can translate international brand values into messages that change behavior on the ground.

Working daily with industry stakeholders, we know how to reach and influence key target audiences, from consumers to government ministers – our strategic and creative approaches match cultural imperatives and produce outcomes our clients can measure.

Whether promoting a restaurant or visitor attraction, putting a hotel group on the map, marketing a city, a country or an airline, or exploiting the huge potential of outbound Chinese travelers, we deliver results. We collaborate seamlessly, working together on multi-market campaigns, sharing international market intelligence and keeping abreast of global trends.

In one office or many we offer world class support.

Travel, Tourism & Hospitality Showcase