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IPREX DEI Global Insights Report

December 2021

IPREX DEI Global Insights Report

Executive Summary

In light of the spotlight on racial justice and equality, many businesses have taken an interest in
diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). As strategic counsel on internal and external
communications, it is imperative that PR agencies are knowledgeable about DEI, how to
communicate it and how to respond to issues.

The purpose of this IPREX DEI Global Insights Report is to conduct a snapshot of DEI
challenges and opportunities facing IPREX firms, and to identify the most prominent best
practices organizations can learn from to better promote DEI through marketing and
communications across the world.

The report seeks to provide peer-to-peer guidance about how to build out internal DEI programs
or external DEI consultation, and to recognize DEI isn’t a one-time effort, but rather an integral
standard that needs to be embedded into agency life – from recruitment to audits.


Key findings developed from the analysis:

  1. IPREX firms recognize DEI as a business driver and moral imperative.
  2. DEI as subject matter is challenging for many firms and individuals.
  3. IPREX firms are adopting internal DEI programs and operations at varying paces depending on a number of factors.
  4. Firms diversify through intentional recruitment efforts and cultivating inclusive office culture.
  5. DEI programs have more momentum in North America, different focus in EMEA and APAC.
  6. Success in DEI relies upon commitment from leadership.
  7. Organizations are moving beyond diversity, also aiming for equity and inclusion.
  8. Successful DEI in PR means authenticity and determination.
  9. Firms are helping clients communicate about DEI and respond to DEI issues.
  10. Clients or prospective clients are approaching DEI with mixed success.


Core implications and considerations for IPREX members to consider:

  • Consider hiring a DEI consultant and undergoing training as a team.
  • Conduct a diversity audit.
  • Recruit talent in new ways.
  • Build an in-house DEI committee/caucus.
    • Developing a DEI statement for the firm
    • Submit a team-wide DEI survey
    • Conduct further best practice research of how like-organizations are recruiting retaining and considering equity
    • Generate a Diverse Business Inclusion Plan,
    • Memorialize and create transparency around DEI programs in-house
  • Build accountability measures for office DEI.
  • Consider DEI consulting only when ready.
  • Recognize DEI is not a one-time effort.


The report was presented to the IPREX DEI Committee in November 2021. The report was
published in December 2021.

Read full report here

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