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Five Keys To Communicating Globally

CEO & Chief Creative Officer
Marx Buscemi Eisbrenner Group

Several years ago, we handled a crisis firsthand, where a chemical production plant in Germany caught fire, halting production of a chemical ingredient for plastic pellets used in the creation of car and truck parts, toys, heart stents, aviation components and products for dozens of other industries. This chemical sat at the very beginning of the product supply chain, approximately four or five steps in – depending on the industry – and was critical to producing so many items.
At the time, there was fear that this plant could be shut down for six months, essentially crippling the global plastics manufacturing industry. Luckily, an alternative was found, but not before many companies went into crisis mode, which required communicating with employees, shareholders, suppliers and customers.
The bottom line was that a chemical made in a single plant in Germany affected an entire supply chain of products in multiple industries around the world, and few knew it.
That crisis, along with much of our day-to-day work relating to current supply chain issues and other manufacturing challenges, teaches us that communicating globally requires an understanding of who your audience is, along with two essential elements: a streamlined process and consistency of message.
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