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The Abbi Agency (USA) Podcast: Status Of: Destination Marketing in 2021

Today we are taking a look at the status of destination marketing in 2021. To set the stage, 2020 started out as a year filled with hopes and aspirations of world travel and Aperol spritz on the beach! In fact, according to Bloomberg, the global airline industry was projected to hit an 11th straight year of record flights. That is until COVID came in and drop-kicked us right in the face. Seemingly overnight, everything stopped. People found themselves facing a new world with serious issues to adjust to and no real roadmap. As we cautiously moved forward, our agency found influencers instrumental in many ways. In fact, we found them so beneficial that we decided to put out an e-book! (available here). To explain more about this endeavor and to share her thoughts, we are joined by award-winning Public Relations specialist, Forbes contributor and, cofounder of The Abbi Agency, the one and only Abbi Whitakar.

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