Technology Practice Group

By 2025, according to International Data Corporation, total worldwide data will be 163 zettabytes – ten times the 2016 figure – and more than a quarter of it “real-time”: from AR and autonomous vehicles to the Internet of Things.

As this ocean of data unlocks fresh user experiences and a new world of business opportunities, IPREX partners are at work across the technology spectrum, from semiconductors to social media, and from the data center to the dining room.

Working independently and in teams, our specialists around the globe translate the industry’s creative engineering into narratives, framing technologies as solutions and successful businesses. We are closely involved with the industry and its people in diverse national and international markets – and we’re at home in the complex communication channels that reach and influence its stakeholders.

Whether launching products and services or refreshing existing brands, IPREX delivers comprehensive communication strategies that deliver measurable results in one market or many.

Technology Showcase

Technology Practices

The Abbi Agency

Reno, USA

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Watermelon Communications

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Asia PR Werkz

Singapore, Singapore

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Bangalore, India

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Tokyo, Japan

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Hanover, Germany

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Olmstead Williams Communications

Los Angeles, USA

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Walt & Company

Campbell, USA

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Helsinki, Finland

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Spotlight PR

Stockholm, Sweden

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Susan Davis International

Washington DC, USA

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Ripley PR

Maryville, USA

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Yellow Jersey

London, UK

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m/e brand communication

Düsseldorf, Germany

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Barcelona, Spain

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Newell PR

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

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Manchester, UK

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Mower Boston

Boston, USA

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