Public Affairs Practice Group

Our job is to maximize support and minimize opposition. In today’s hyper-connected world, trade, regulation and law are influenced by politics like never before. Empowered by social media and the internet, increasingly activist stakeholder communities are exerting real political influence and shaping outcomes. Effective public affairs strategy is critical.

We build longstanding relationships that open doors to key decision-makers. Our access to policymakers, politicians and influencers in wider public communities provides the context for our insights, informed counsel, spirited advocacy, and practical solutions.

Research underpins our advocacy. Our dedicated digital expertise enables us to define and manage a powerful narrative. We have the bandwidth to help clients tell their story in campaigns that mobilize opinion – from local to global – and we are well versed in working together to achieve client goals.

From any IPREX office we are connected to our colleagues in cities around the world to help our clients navigate the corridors of power.



Public Affairs Showcase

Public Affairs Practices

Capital One

Kampala, Uganda

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The Abbi Agency

Reno, USA

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New Orleans, USA

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Watermelon Communications

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Asia PR Werkz

Singapore, Singapore

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Tokyo, Japan

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Marketing For Change Co

Orlando, USA

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SalterMitchell PR

Tallahassee, USA

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Honolulu, United States

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Susan Davis International

Washington DC, USA

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Minneapolis, USA

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Copenhagen, Denmark

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More Communications Agency

Warsaw, Poland

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Seattle, USA

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Jarrard Phillips Cate & Hancock

Nashville/Chicago, USA

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Wells Haslem Mayhew Strategic Public Affairs

Sydney, Australia

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