Financial Practice Group

From asset management, retail banking and venture capital to credit cards, insurance, wealth management and fintech, IPREX has deep public relations experience.

Nurturing reputations and building awareness demand the clear positioning and strong media relations that underpin our work with listed companies – shareholder liaison, calendar support, bulletin board management and social media to help drive buying.

We also work with companies to build analyst, broker and wider stakeholder followings. And we increasingly support companies raising capital through the debt and bond markets.

But crucially, in a period of change, we are abreast of the industry’s key issues – regulation, risk management, new technologies and evolving customer expectations.

Financial services companies are re-shaping their business models and demand intelligent and well-executed integrated communications strategies to support this. From the impact of artificial intelligence to digital delivery we cover employees, partners, customers, regulators, analysts, investors and affinity communities.

Financial Showcase