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Orange Orchard

Orange Orchard is a global PR agency centered on working with environmentally-conscious businesses and nonprofits committed to plant-based, vegan and eco-sensitive philosophies. It is a division of Ripley PR, Inc. a successful, global B2B public relations firm.

Orange Orchard is dedicated to promoting and publicizing the products and services of like-minded organizations who are trying to change the world, especially in the competitive plant-based and vegan food and beverage and consumer goods industries. Vegan and plant-based businesses need a partner who is experienced and strategically positioned in this space, with proven success stories, to take their business beyond the typical in this rapidly developing marketplace.

The agency also specializes in green construction, energy, green tech and other environmentally-friendly B2B industries, as well as helping global animal welfare organizations raise awareness and increase donations. By staffing the agency with high-achieving PR veterans, social media-savvy pros and analytical experts, the agency is rapidly gaining global attention for its clients in this growing market.

Heather Ripley, Co-Founder and CEO
Bill Mattern, Co-Founder/President and CFO

Heather embodies the vegan and kind-to-the-earth lifestyle. But it is her business acumen, her proven PR abilities and her passion for building her clients’ businesses that has made Orange Orchard a PR agency of choice for this growing segment.

Bill is a proponent of veganism and kind consumerism.  He combines his personal philosophy with his extensive business experience, including years of coaching small-to mid-sized businesses nationwide, helping them develop product and service pricing tactics and strategic marketing plans.

Contact: Heather Ripley, Co-Founder and CEO
Mobile: +1 865-221-5109
Contact: Bill Mattern, Co-Founder/President and CFO
Mobile: +1 865-361-3852


Orange Orchard
P.O. Box 132
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