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META Communication

META is a communication firm. Its senior team comes from politics and campaigning, corporate communication and creative backgrounds and its team’s focus lies in leadership, strategy and supporting decision-making. With offices in the capitals of the three Baltic States of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, META manages the networks of power, media and thought leadership in a diverse region, that businesses often view as a single economic area.

MNETA aspires to give its customers the experience of confidence that only saying “I have the META team working on it” can give.

Andreas Kaju, Partner, co-founder
Ann Hiiemaa

Andreas Kaju is the co-founder of META. He comes from the political world, having worked in the Prime Minister’s office, Ministry of Defense and the Parliament. He focusses on strategy, leadership, political risk and crisis.

Ann Hiiemaa is a leading communication consultant at META who shepherds creative campaigns for brands and organisations across integrated media.

Contact: Andreas Kaju, Partner, co-founder
Mobile: +372 5331 3104
Contact: Ann Hiiemaa
Mobile: +372 5340 8818


META Communication
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