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InfluenceSuite Portugal

We are a restless team, fueled by a passion for communication and new trends, with 30 years’ experience of planning and executing communication campaigns for large international corporations and small local companies.

We are agile, flexible, enthusiastic and proactive. But also, curious and nonconformist.

Honesty, transparency, confidentiality, integrity and excellence are our goals. We listen, analyze and create the most effective solution for each project while, working closely with our clients, we learn, improve and grow.

Our mission is to identify and work with key stakeholders, converting them into brand influencers whose opinions will communicate accurate and positive concepts of the client to the community. Our style is marked by the care we take in each phase of a communication plan, focusing our personal attention on quality and accountability in great detail.

Because we know what works, we create stories that thrill; content that sparks interest; ideas that amaze; and experiences that are remembered.

Note: we manage our Angolan operations, based in Luanda, from Lisbon.

Ana Paula Salgueiro, Senior Partner
Mayte González-Gil, CEO

Ana’s expertise is in Media Relations, Communication Strategies, Corporate and Financial Communication, Media Training, Crisis Communication Management and Public Affairs. She has worked as a communication consultant for many national and international clients and runs the Portuguese office and Angolan operations of InfluenceSuite

CEO and founder of InfluenceSuite, Mayte has long experience of creating and directing international communication campaigns. She specializes in the design of strategic communication plans, crisis prevention and management, corporate and marketing communication and internal programs

Contact: Ana Paula Salgueiro, Senior Partner
Mobile: + 351 933 966 429
Contact: Mayte González-Gil, CEO
Mobile: +34 619 284 868


InfluenceSuite Portugal
Rua Rosa Araújo, nº 30
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