Introducing IPREX

IPREX partners are agency entrepreneurs excited by the accelerating pace of change in our industry and determined to take advantage of it. We are a non-profit corporation funded by dues, not commissions, and aiming to maximise returns on partners’ investment in us in four ways:

Learning: through our unparalleled IPREX Academy, regular webinars, the online Resource Center, the Partner Hotline, case study presentations, committee work, benchmarking studies and at meetings, workshops and boot-camps. IPREX provides a peer group of non-competing agency owners who are happy to share their knowledge. Many partners say that this is the greatest benefit that IPREX provides.

Collaborating: referring clients to other partners you can trust; working with clients introduced by other partners; building virtual agencies including other partners’ people and teams to pitch and work on client business. Partners who have embedded IPREX deep into their agencies are constantly working on opportunities together to develop new business streams and new clients. Our Practice Groups and Talent Pool enable partners to leverage each other’s areas of special expertise and offer more tightly-focused approaches to the market.

Networking: through our intranet and private social media channels; during staff exchanges and of course at meetings and other events. Apart from our Annual Meeting we have a meeting each year in EMEA and in the Americas, plus a highly-popular meeting for emerging agency leaders, one-day workshops on agency management and business development issues, and boot-camps for younger agency staff.

Marketing: through our community management campaign and media relations, our membership of ICCO and our website.  Additionally, partners project IPREX through their own marketing materials and campaigns, attracting visitors to the website and thus to other partners.

If you would like to find out more, please contact someone from the list on the footer below.