May 22, 2020

Sydney, InsideOut PR

5 Questions – InsideOut Public Relations

IPREX has more than 60 high-quality communications partners around the world that work together in variety of ways. Get to know InsideOut PR in this month’s 5 Questions column.

Who are you? Nicole Reaney, Director InsideOut PR

What book had the most significant impact on you? I always love Richard Branson’s books, seeing him rise amidst challenges and take risks to make an incredible difference.

What’s the most meaningful work you have done? We recently created an online virtual birthday party campaign for a client – following the devastation and restrictions of COVD-19. We had 3 weeks to plan and execute and the campaign went viral – generating the most exposure across mainstream media.

What do you see as the biggest challenge in the communications industry today? The conflict between hours spent on a campaign and reaching a campaign’s full potential. From the sheer number of stakeholders and speed of news cycles – we have to work faster than ever and reach more people from media to influencers and others – while budgets have not necessarily increased.

How is your agency working to solve this challenge? Setting expectations and providing options so there’s more insight to the work we could or can undertake.