June 17, 2019

New York, Mower

Mower Earns Multichannel Lead Generation B2 Award During 2019 Masters of B2B Marketing Conference

Mower, one of the largest independent marketing, advertising and public relations agencies in the U.S., won a B2 Award for its “50 Days of Data” campaign. The campaign, produced for the agency’s rebrand during its 50th anniversary, was presented at the 2019 Masters of B2B Marketing Conference.

Rebranding from Eric Mower + Associates to Mower provided an opportunity to drive awareness and generate buzz. Mower’s content-driven lead-gen campaign, “50 Days of Data,” was a smart and efficient way to generate sustained engagement and leads. The agency partnered with eMarketer to deliver 50 data points of interest to marketers over a 50-day period.

“Rebranding to Mower provided us with an opportunity to make a big splash in the industry,” said Douglas Bean, vice chairman—chief brand officer, Mower. “Inspired by our own Brand as Friend® philosophy and amped up Fierce Friends™ platform, we delivered valuable content that marketers were craving and presented our increased product offering, national ranking and strategic, data-driven creativity.”

In addition to the B2 Award win at the Masters of B2B Marketing Conference, Mower’s work with MassRobotics was recognized as a finalist in the PR Campaign category leading up to the event.