February 5, 2019

Berlin, ORCA Affairs GmbH


ORCA Group – including IPREX partners ORCA Affairs and ORCA van Loon – have won a four-year framework PR contract for the Federal German Ministry of Interior. This is the largest such contract ever tendered by the German government.

 With a budget of up to $34 million, the contract enables the Federal Ministries, the subordinate authorities and the direct and designated indirect federal administrations, to transfer their very different communication tasks and projects directly to ORCA without additional procurement costs or tenders.

There will be a wide range of work – consulting and implementation in online marketing (social media marketing, website design, content marketing, email marketing, search engine marketing, etc), the design of initiatives and programs, advice on the development and implementation of communication and advertising.

 Michael Schröder, CEO of lead agency ORCA Affairs, and former IPREX Global President, said: “With our long experience of working for ministries and institutions, we are well-positioned to carry out this work. Our client has high expectations and we will meet them.”