January 3, 2019

Marketing for Change, Alexandria, Virginia

ICYMI: Marketing for Change’s Top 5 Blogs in 2018

With 2018 coming to an end, it’s the perfect time to take a look back at the blog posts our readers loved most this year. Our top five posts are all rooted in behavioral science but covered a wide variety of topics, from the impact of racism on health, to how to be happier, to why you didn’t get your flu shot (again), to preparing for driverless vehicles. And, one of our very favorites, the anti-drinking campaigns that drive us to drink. So here’s a New Year’s Eve toast to the past year. Happy reading!

Here are the top five Fun, Easy, Popular blogs for 2018.

1. Why can you quite accurately predict an American’s lifetime health based on the zip code they are born into? Structural racism plays a major role in health in our country. And “you can’t change that which you can’t talk about.” Marketing for Change behavioral strategist Sara Isaac calls for starting a conversation in this post: If We Want A Healthier Nation, We Need to Talk About Race and Privilege.

2. On a scale of one to ten, how happy are you? If your answer fell on the bottom half of the scale, our #2 blog post How to Be Happier (and Why It Matters (shout out to Paul Dolan’s Happiness by Design) might tell you why. Hint: there’s a difference between what you think makes you happy and what actually does.

3. Flu shots have a great way of injecting misunderstanding into Americans. In our #3 blog post, we discuss Why you (once again) did not get your flu shot this year, and how public health types can influence Americans to give it another shot next year.

4. The future is here. As  automated vehicles hit the road in communities nationwide, safety advocates need to act now to stay out front of this revolutionary trend. Our #4 blog post, Why You Should Future-Proof Your Traffic Safety Program Now, highlights a Blue Ribbon Panel report on the subject and some behavioral implications it revealed.

5. Will a frowny face on your wine glass keep you from that second drink? In our #5 blog we talk about The Top 3 Alcohol Campaigns That Drive Us to Drink and what really works.

This blog was originally featured on Marketing for Change’s website.