August 1, 2018

Milwaukee, Trefoil Group

Milwaukee-Based Agency Uses Innovations in Technology to Drive Organic Business Growth

Trefoil Group, an integrated marketing communications firm, has launched a demand generation program, providing clients with the ability to leverage technology-driven, automated marketing to drive business growth. This program supplements the agency’s primary competencies—which include marketing strategy development and execution across multiple channels — to drive increased engagement and enhanced business performance.

Trefoil Group’s demand generation capabilities enable the agency to deliver personalized content based on audience behaviors to qualify leads and move prospects through the sales funnel more quickly. Additional touchpoints ensure top-of-mind awareness with prospects. The end result is the ability to optimize marketing budgets while effectively driving organic business growth and gaining key data insights along the way.

“Technology is the driving power behind today’s successful marketing programs,” said Trefoil Group Creative Director, Dave Neubert who leads the agency’s digital marketing programs. “Smart companies gain an advantage over their competitors by strategically integrating automation into their marketing programs. Personalized messaging is designed to drive marketing qualified leads using a scoring system that brings sales into the mix at the appropriate point in the sales journey.”

According to Trefoil Group CEO Mary Scheibel, “Demand generation programs like this are often executed by online or digital-only agencies. As an integrated agency, Trefoil Group’s position has always been to take a holistic approach. Surrounding digital marketing programs with solid marketing strategy and multi-channel executions not only maximizes success of the demand generation program but enhances marketing’s contribution to producing real business results and measurable ROI.”

To support this new service, the firm invested in additional education for its employees on best-in-class software platforms including Marketo and SharpSpring, among others. With the launch of this capability, the agency continues its ongoing evolution and commitment to deliver affordable lead generation services for companies of all sizes – from small-to-medium size businesses to global enterprises.

To learn more about Trefoil Group’s lead generation capabilities, visit www.trefoilgroup.com/lead-generation.

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