June 5, 2018

IPREX Global Communication Platform

IPREX Launches New Website

IPREX, a $380 million network of independent communication agencies with 1,600 staff and 110 offices worldwide, has launched its new website that provides a global communication platform where partner agencies can connect and find resources to develop solutions to communications challenges.  

“IPREX partners are continuing to lead the industry with innovative campaigns that surpass client goals around the world,” said Andrei Mylroie, global president, IPREX. “We’re excited to launch our new website as a global communication platform that highlights our work, strength in global markets and unparalleled industry expertise.”

The new IPREX global communication platform offers a more integrated approach to help people get things done. Users can easily navigate to 12 specific practice groups and see partner agencies. The practice groups include: Business to Business; Consumer; Corporate; Crisis Communication; Education; Environment and Energy; Financial; Food and Beverage; Healthcare; Public Affairs; Technology; Travel, Tourism and Hospitality.

The public website provides an overview of the IPREX global communication platform, but behind the scenes, a model is developing quickly to bring agencies together to meet client challenges, create multi-disciplinary teams from IPREX’s worldwide talent pool and build collaboration online.  

“Our global communication platform offers a way for our partner agencies to collaborate in richer and deeper ways,” said Mylroie. “As we continue to serve clients from around the world, our partner agencies will use this platform for enhanced communication, sharing information, creating global agency teams and ultimately providing clients better service.”